Training Conferences In Rawalpindi
And Islamabad

Training Conferences In Rawalpindi And Islamabad

FFR works on capital cases as these involve the most serious of human rights breaches. For this purpose, FFR worked with Reprieve on a “Death Penalty Manual” for purposes of training young criminal lawyers and drafted various sample court applications to introduce new avenues of helping one’s client on capital cases. Two criminal defense trainings in Islamabad and Rawalpindi on 23rd November 2013 and 25th November 2013 were held for the purposes of introducing this Manual and having a productive discussion with practicing lawyers in these two cities who have clients potentially facing, or facing, death row. The Instructors at these trainings included Robert McGlasson, a senior trial attorney from the US, Catherine Higham from the British legal charity Reprieve UK, and Barrister Mirza Shahzad Akbar from FFR. The participants mainly included practicing criminal defense lawyers along with retired judges and police officers. The first part of the training centered around introducing the handbook, and talking about different motions that can be passed in court to ask for things that might help in proving the innocence of the client and ensuring his rights, such as complete records of the trial process, sequestering of witnesses, efficiency of the counsel etc. The second part of the training focused on the sentencing of the client and how to secure a fair sentence by strengthening mitigation, asking for resources for hiring investigators and conducting case studies. FFR remains in touch with the participants and the long term goal is to work productively and collectively in an effort to fairly and effectively represent death penalty clients.